Minnesota BNA

Minnesota Black Nurses Association (111)
Sara Wiggins, President

PO Box 600684
St. Paul, MN 55106
Chapter Telephone: (218) 310-7272; Email: info@mnbnassoc.org
Chapter Website: www.mnbnassoc.org

2019 Chapter Dues (National and Local Dues)

Dues expires Dec. 31, 2019
Total RN Dues: $270.00
Total LPN/LVN Dues: $220.00
Total Retiree Dues: $157.50
Total First Year Grad Dues: $195.00
Total Student Dues (unlicensed):$95.00
Students MUST forward directly to the chapter a letter on their school stationary, signed by Nursing Administration stating you are currently enrolled and that you do not have an LPN/LVN or RN License

NEW RN MEMBERS - PLEASE NOTE:  After April 1st, if you are joining the chapter as a New RN please call our National Office to receive the PRO RATED dues for National and the cost of the Local dues.  Your membership will expire December 31, 2019- YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER ONLINE FOR THIS RATE.

National Lifetime Dues: $2,000.00 plus $45.00 local dues.   After initial LT payment, local dues is $45.00 each year to be a member in good standing.