New Jersey Integrated BNA


New Jersey Integrated Black Nurses Association (157)
Marilyn McCall, President
Lyons, NJ  07939

Email Address:
Chapter # (908) 360-5207
Chapter Fax: (908) 688-7074

Chapter Dues (National and Local Dues)
Dues expires on your Anniversary Date
Total RN Dues: $210.00
Total LPN/LVN Dues: $150.00
Total Retiree Dues: $125.00
Total First Year Grad RN Dues: $175.00
Total First Year Grad LPN/LVN Dues: $140.00
Total Student Dues (unlicensed): $50.00
Students MUST forward directly to the chapter a letter on their school stationary, signed by Nursing Administration stating you are currently enrolled and that you do not have an LPN/LVN or RN License

PLEASE NOTE:  The Membership Retention and Growth Campaign is designed to RETAIN our most loyal members, ENCOURAGE prior members to return and ENTICE new members to join the organization.

National Lifetime Dues $2,000.00 plus Local Dues: $50.00 for RNs; $25.00 for LPN/LVNs.  After initial LT payment, local dues is as statement each year to be a member in good standing.