Message from the President

Let me thank you NBNA for electing me as the 12th President and the first male president. I am excited about the things that we will do together. I have an ambitious and robust agenda for my tenure.

I want to strengthen our infrastructure to improve member services and member participation that is second to none. I envision the national leadership to partner with the chapter leadership to offer these services. We need for the chapter leaders to engage their national liaisons in conversations that help NBNA offer the highest level service and participation.

We need for our chapters to become engaged and participate in all national programs. We need to establish an open line of communication to learn about programs that you want to work on and help you find the resources to launch those programs. I want NBNA to try new and innovative initiatives that will help us fulfill the mission and goals of NBNA. Where the innovations work well, we will enhance them. After evaluation, where they don't work well, we will try something new. This is a new day with a new dynamic in place!!!

As we enter into our 45th anniversary, membership growth will be the way forward. It is critical to keep NBNA healthy and thriving. Every member is encouraged to recruit nurses to join NBNA. There is a whole new generation, male and female, who can benefit from belonging to an organization such as ours. My goal is that every conference attendee will have a ribbon that says "I recruited a member". NBNA will plant more new chapters and give them the resources to sustain them over time. Every direct member will be asked to start a chapter in their area.

We look to partner with the best and brightest NBNA members who are ready to pursue leadership roles in the profession of nursing. We will begin to prepare the next generation of nurse leaders to better understand board governance and policy. There will be leadership development for nurses who aspire to serve on national boards to ensure that minority nurses are well represented. Chapter presidents, nurses under forty, and male nurses have been asked to serve on all NBNA committees.

A national mentorship program will be initiated pairing seasoned nurses with nursing students at all levels of nursing education.

I envision new programs that focus on, but are not limited to global health, Men's Health, Women's Health and Violence Reduction. Programs on obesity and physical activity will be expanded. Creating and expanding these programs will enable NBNA chapters to offer quality community based health education and health screenings. You can look forward to more clinical based webinars.
To sustain our NBNA programs, I am initiating a "Friends of NBNA" Campaign that will fund new and ongoing initiatives.

We understand that our partners need to see a return on investment for their financial and in kind support of NBNA programs. Together our partnerships will help the most vulnerable people in our communities get the help they need.

NBNA firmly believes in advocating for the needs of nurses, people of color and the health care arena. We will continue to have a robust health policy agenda; and, we will work collaboratively with other nursing and health organizations. NBNA is represented by our members on a number of coalitions to get that job done. As opportunities come available, I will ask NBNA members with specific expertise to serve on coalitions relative to public policy.

For the social media gurus, NBNA will explore having a conference app so that you can have the conference highlights at your finger tips. Let the National office know of your favorite apps that have helped you professionally and personally.

Our membership consists of visionary leaders, clinicians, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and students. We work with corporations, associations, educational institutions, the Administration, Members of Congress and state legislatures. NBNA makes a difference in the lives of nurses and others. You make a difference in nursing. Join forces with me. NBNA, it's a new day!!!


Eric J. Williams, DNP, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN