Mailing Guidelines

Facts About NBNA Mailing of your Material

  1. NBNA does not lend or sell its mailing lists.
  2. NBNA can mail out materials upon approval to our mailing list through our mailing house.
  3. The originating organization will ship materials to the mailing house or to NBNA National Office, advising NBNA of the shipment date. NBNA will provide labels or an electronic mailing list.
  4. NBNA must approve the material to be mailed.
  5. In most instances, your permit cannot be used to mail to NBNA mailing lists.
  6. NBNA must provide an envelope with our indicia if your permit number is on the material.
  7. A charge is assessed for each envelope.
  8. A charge is assessed for folding and inserting and sealing.
  9. There is a standard $500 administrative fee.
  10. The originating organization will pay postage and an estimate of all fees in advance.
  11. If there are additional fees, the originating organization will be invoiced for these fees.
  12. The fees for an all member mailing are roughly $2,500. All fees are payable in advance by check, certified funds or MasterCard/Visa.