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Resolution - â€‹Older Adult Malnutrition - November 12, 2020

Resolution 1 Supporting Exclusive Breastfeeding 
Resolution 2 Addressing the Opioid Epidemic
Resolution 3 Nicotine Dependence & Tobacco Use

Minutes - 46th Annual Institute and Conference
Minutes - 45th Annual Institute and Conference 

Smoking Toolkit
link 1 - Tobacco Control Evaluation 
link 2 - Smoking Causes Diabetes
link 3 - Tobacco Dependence Treatment Toolkit
link 4 - Message to NBNA Chapters
link 5 - Quick Facts
link 6 - Tobacco Threatens Us All
link 7 - Tobacco Use Among African Americans

Men's Heath Toolkit
Men's Health Social Media Guide

NBNA Announces Breastfeeding Resolution 

2019 Speaker Reg
2019 AV checklist and disclosure forms
2019 Abstract Instructions
Fact Sheet
Fed ex
Exhibitors and Sponsors PDF

Abbott - Quality Malnutrition Care for African American Older Adults
United Healthcare Group-- Addressing the Nation’s Primary Care Shortage

Capitol Hill Day 2019 - Debriefing Session Form
Capitol Hill Day 2019 - Mortality
Capital Hill Day 2019 - Climate Change
Capital Hill Day 2019 - HEEA
Capitol Hill Day 2019 -  Sample Letter
Capitol Hill Day - Opioid Misuse
Capitol Hill Day - Gun Violence

NBNA 2019 Conference At-a-Glance 
Conference Registration
Special Sessions Registration
Badge Request for Exhibitors 
2019 Exhibitors List
Ochsner Consent Forms - Youth Enrichment Program
Missing our Mothers
Fund Development Event & Form
Fund Development Form
Mentorship Buddy Program
NBNA Under 40
Under 40 Cruise
Save the date:  APND Symposium & link

2019 Election Flyers;
Archie flyer
Dawson flyer
Lola Flyer
Dubois flyer
Evers Manly flyer
Lovelace Flyer

2018 Election Flyers:
Birthale Flyer
Lola Flyer
Patricia Flyer
Trilby Flyer
Edward Flyer
Marcia Flyer
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Lovene Flyer
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Cimino Link

Expression of Sympathy - Marion P. Summage, Chicago BNA
Nurse of the Year Award Criteria
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K Parker CV
K Parker Contract