Institute of Excellence

The Institute of Excellence (IOE), housed at the National Black NursesAssociation (NBNA), will recognize exemplary work that models or fosters the reductionand elimination of health disparities and informs policy. The IOE will acknowledge thecontributions of African American nurses. Importantly, the IOE will collaborate with andsupport local and national nursing and health related organizations in their endeavors to contribute to the excellence in nursing for improved health care and the global eradication of health disparities. This partnership will provide opportunities for members of the IOE to join forces with other local, national, and international leaders who areaddressing health and social issues that are influential in determining the health status of people of African descent throughout the global community. Through its collaboration with the NBNA, the IOE will help to catapult the members of the NBNA and other ethnic minorities into prominent and influential leadership roles in a dynamic and changing world.

The mission of the IOE is to illuminate evidence-based results that resolve mortality and morbidity issues that exist among all people, with an emphasis on issues associated with the African Diaspora. The IOE’s objective is to establish a framework through which excellence in nursing practice achievements will be strengthened, respected, and nurtured. The IOE will generate and promulgate leadership opportunities for its members for their continued creation of scientific knowledge and its translation into service. These highly visible roles will reflect the commitment of a group of ethnic minority experts to the relief of human suffering and the promotion of health and well-being throughout the global community.

As a mechanism through which health disparities among people of African descent can be addressed in local and global communities, the IOE’s major goal is the reduction and elimination of health disparities.

General Guidelines

Membership in the Institute of Excellence is by invitation to NBNA members who have done or are doing innovative and or exemplary work to reduce and eliminate health disparities. No more than ten members will be selected each year; they will be inducted during the annual meeting of the National Black Nurses Association. Candidates will be selected from the group of nominees. Nominations may be made by any NBNA member, the candidate, or by professional associates.

Membership Criteria for the Institute of Excellence
are centered on:

  • Evidence of distinguished achievement in nursing and health that is central to the reduction and/or elimination of health disparities
  • Distinguished professional achievement in a discipline that is related to nursing and health, and in diminishing morbidity and mortality
  • Demonstrated achievements and continued involvements in multiple domains that impact the reduction and elimination of health disparities, including the prevention of disease, the promotion of health, the advancement of education and research, evidence-based practice, the promulgation of public policy, and engagement in community participatory health care among populations of African descent.
  • Evidence of knowledge and skill sets that are essential to the work of the IOEin its efforts related to improving evidence-based practice, creating, assessing, and advancing knowledge, conducting studies and generating and/or evaluating health related policy issues, especially those that could impact the lives of people of African descent and have immediate or potential impact on the reduction or elimination of health disparities.
  • A commitment statement regarding the willingness of the individual to be an active and productive member of the IOE, and toil to help the organization.

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