Suffolk County Black Nurses Association

Suffolk County Black Nurses Association (183)
Jacqueline Winston, President

PO Box 541
Ridge, New York 11961
Chapter Telephone #: (516) 983-4668

Chapter Email:

Chapter Dues (National and Local Dues)
Dues expires Dec. 31, 2023

Total RN Dues: $200.00
Total LPN/LVN/AM Dues: $165.00
Total Retiree Dues: $130.00
Total First Year Grad Dues: $170.00
Total Student Dues (unlicensed): $45.00
Students MUST forward directly to the chapter a letter on their school stationary, signed by Nursing Administration stating you are currently enrolled and that you do not have an LPN/LVN or RN License

  The Membership Retention and Growth Campaign is designed to RETAIN our most loyal members, ENCOURAGE prior members to return and ENTICE new members to join for 2023.

National Lifetime Dues: $2,000.00 plue $25.00 for Local Dues. After your initial payment for LT.  Each year Local dues of $25.00 should be mailed directly to the chapter.