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Dear friends, I just wrote to my Members of Congress urging them to support legislation that ensures quality of care for all patients, funding for nursing education and initiatives to promote communities that are free from gun violence. Join me by writing to your Members of Congress today! https://www.opencongress.org/people/zipcodelookup
Fact: Gun violence has killed more Americans in the past 50 years than in every single American war—from George Washington’s Colonial Army defeat of the British in 1781 to Operation Endur­ing Freedom in 2014.  Contact your Member of Congress-Kelly Report, 2014 #EndEpidemicofViolenceNBNA2016
Fact: While gun violence affects all communities in the United States, gun violence has a disproportionate impact on young adults, males, and racial ethnic minorities. (APHA). #EndEpidemicofViolenceNBNA2016
In 57 percent of mass shootings between 2009 and 2012 the shooter killed a current or former intimate partner, along with others. –Kelly Report 2014#NBNAonCapitolHill2016
NBNA celebrates our 28th Day on Capitol Hill, this year’s theme is "Addressing the Epidemic of Violence: NBNA's Call to Action." #NBNAonCapitolHill2016
Join me as I support NBNA on Capitol Hill requesting for the expansion of federal appropriations to support professional nursing education and nurse faculty loan repayment programs through the Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act. #NBNAonCapitolHill2016
All patients deserve access to quality care.  @(Insert your Member of Congress Tweeter Name) #NBNACalltoAction2016
All communities should be free from gun violence. Please protect our communities @(Insert your Member of Congress Tweeter Name) #NBNACalltoAction2016
Celebrating NBNA’s 28th Annual Day on Capitol Hill, "Addressing the Epidemic of Violence: NBNA's Call to Action." #NBNADayonCapitolHill2016
Gun violence disproportionately impacts young adults, males, and racial ethnic minorities. (APHA). #EndEpidemicofViolenceNBNA2016

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