Procedures Following CE Course Approval

The procedures following approval of the CE course are described below:

  1. Once the course is approved, the course can be advertised as a Continuing Education Course Approved for “x” number of contact hours.
  2. All licensed nurses who desire continuing education contact hours must sign-in on the Sign-In Sheet with their full name as it appears on their license, the license type and number.
  3. All licensed nurses desiring continuing education contact hours must complete a course evaluation.
  4. At the completion of the course, the Sign-In Sheet has to be sent electronically to Laurie C. Reid, RN, MS at Lcreid84@gmail.com.
  5. A NBNA CE Certificate will be awarded to each licensed nurse who completes a course evaluation within 30 days.
  6. A NBNA member can attend the CE portion of an event for free because it is a free member benefit.
  7. All approved NBNA CE Courses will be stored in a locked file cabinet for 5 years and then purged. The cabinet will be housed in the residence of a member of the CE Approving Committee: Laurie Reid, Lucy Yates, and Sandra Holmes.

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