Aspiring Leaders

For nurses progressing to advanced leadership roles, the Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to inspire an experienced nurse to learn and grow in partnership with an experienced nurse leader, also known as the experienced mentor.  The experienced mentor offers guidance and direction to the new nurse leader, while they serve as a role model and sounding board. 


NBNA board members and chapter presidents serve as role models this group of participants.  The NBNA CMP Committee match a new nurse leader with an experienced mentor and monitoring the success of the partnership through confidential feedback.


The Aspiring Leaders Program supports the development of nurses as they transition into executive leadership roles (e.g., president of organizations, CNOs, National Board positions, FAANs, specialty or doctoral degrees, etc.). The purpose is to foster the development of a nursing community and enhance the preceptor skills of nurses as they engage in the mentorship process.


If you are entering this phase of your nursing career or aspire to be a mentor to some who is, click the link below to sign up for the Aspiring Leaders Phase of the Program.