Direct Member (only if a chapter is not located in your area) (55)


Direct Member (only if a chapter is not located in your area) (55)
Estella A. Lazenby, Membership Services Manager
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 910
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Dues expires December 31, 2020
Total RN Dues: $225.00
Total LPN/LVN Dues: $175.00
Total Retiree Dues: $100.00
Total First Year Grad Dues: $150.00
Total Student Dues (unlicensed): $50.00
Students MUST forward directly to the chapter a letter on their school stationary, signed by Nursing Administration stating you are currently enrolled and that you do not have an LPN/LVN or RN License

PLEASE NOTE:  These are exciting times for NBNA and the membership. NBNA is in the process of implementing our most aggressive membership campaign in the history of the organization.  The 20 by 20 Membership Retention and Growth Campaign is designed to RETAIN our most loyal members, ENCOURAGE prior members to return and ENTICE new members to join, i.e. by matching current members with a new or reclaimed member, so they both pay the new reduced dues for 2020.
If you wish to be part of this campaign, please contact the chapter directly to receive instruction and a hard copy of the membership application.  YOU CANNOT COMPLETE AN APPLICATION ONLINE.  

National Lifetime Dues: $2,000.00  or 4 installments of $500.00 within a one-year period